Red Ale

Rodenbach Grand Cru

Well this is a very interesting day. I have a Belgian beer I picked up which I thought was a dubbel. It turned out
to be a Flanders Red Ale, whatever the hell that is. It’s an import from Belgium brewed at Rodenbach. This
particular brew has been aged for 33% “young” ale and 66% that has been aged for two years in oak barrels. I am thoroughly intrigued by this bodacious brew. Let’s see what she looks like!

The pour is an extremely dark red with a nice foamy head of about one fingers width. It dissipated at a moderate pace with no lacing and a thin ring around the brew. It’s very thick, like me, and you cannot see through it at all. Looks pretty promising to me,  on to the smell!

The aroma reminds me of sour apples. I can’t detect much else besides an extreme sourness. Alas, it seems my shoddy olfactory system is leaving you readers in the dark. Let’s move past my failure and onto the taste lest I be stoned to death. (Not in the good way) I’ve always been confident in my ability to drink beer.
Wow, this is a sour brew for sure!
Ok, ok I need to relax. I’ve never tasted a beer like this in my life! I’m  going to take a slow sip and analyze the taste in an orderly fashion..ok here we go…
The very first thing I notice is a bite, it’s up front and center. But it’s not really an alcohol bite. No, it’s a mix
between alcohol, carbonation, and sourness.Ah, then I detect a hint of apple or some other fruit immediately
afterwards. Upon swallowing the bite from the sourness takes over and leaves a nice aftertaste as well. It’s a
mixture of sweetness and sourness, this is a very complex beer.
It has a fairly rich body but not as rich as a dubbel. It’s a very satisfying texture with a very nice bite.

Overall this is one of the most interesting beers I’ve ever tasted. I’ve never had one this sour but it is not
overwhelming by any means. In fact, I could easily grow accustomed to such a taste. It brings to mind the adventure of warheads from a simpler, more innocent time.
Until next beer this is Brian G. signing out!

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