Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René

Ah, hello again faithful readers. It’s your resident alcoholic again, wishing you a lovely Thursday evening. I have a wonderful beer from Belgium tonight, the motherland of beer IMAO. These are beer styles that have been around for much longer than you or I, unless your some sort of vampire. If you’ve never had a beer from Belgium I highly recommend it. I wouldn’t start with a sour beer like I have tonight, check out my review on “The Keiz“, I call him that for short because were cool. Anyways…I’m not here to remind you of old brew reviews, I’m here to share something new. Tonight’s feature is a sour style called Gueuze, which I pronounce “gaze” whether it’s right or wrong. It’s simply because I cannot help but gaze into this brew’s very soul…

Ah yes, a soul of radiant sunshine emanates from this golden goddess. She’s the most beautiful golden color, with an incessant bubbling and an immense mountain of foamy goodness. Ah yes…one of the many reasons sour beers are awesome, the sheer amount of head they are willing to give will leave you in awe. She sparkles and shows a great clarity, yet maintains the slightest aura of mystery. Let’s try to unravel it, shall we?

Mmm, now I don’t know if it’s because I’m drinking more sour brews, but for once the tartness doesn’t smack me directly in the face. No, it’s more like a playful tap across the cheek, but it’s much more than that…. It’s a mixture of tart and sweet with a very earthy overtone. If you don’t know what earthy overtone means…well, I’m not sure I do either, but I picture a forest and making a fort out of sticks. Ah…childhood memories, it’s a powerful thing when a beer can evoke those. Well if the aroma can wake lost memories, I shudder at the implications, but I’m nothing if not brave for you readers. Onward!

Well, I’m still conscious after taking that sip, so that’s a good sign. Alas, no more missing memories have awoken, but the present is far more exciting. She begins gracefully, balancing both ends of the sweet and sour spectrum in an endless twirl. That is…until you dare to swallow this beauty, she whisks the sweetness off the stage and you’re left to gape at the marvel of her tartness. It really comes through strong as the sweetness quickly disappears, a wave of sour across your entire mouth. It doesn’t stick around long however, and the finish is a mildly sour and sweet memory that echoes through the ages. Probably a lot like your childhood memories.

Overall, this is a fantastic, highly affordable, and extremely accessible sour brew. While it’s not as sweet as Goudenband, it’s got a nice sour bite to it that Goudenband lacks. Sometimes you want a little extra tartness when your reaching for a sour beer. If your into sours, or getting into them, check this baby out. She’s well worth your time.

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out!

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