Belgian Dubbel

Brother David’s Double

Well I tried to hold off… I really and truly did. I simply could not wait any longer to try this beer. Not that this one in particular was calling to me, although it was. No, my need was for any beer really. Well, any good beer that is, luckily I happen to have three 750ml bottles of fine ale in my fridge. After careful consideration I decided to go with the Belgian Dubbel, or Double as they spell it here in America. It’s 3:00pm on a Saturday and I’m still in my pajamas. I woke up, made a lovely breakfast, played call of duty for a bit (after I got stoned of course) and then played a bit of L.A. Noire. It’s a very interesting game to say the least.  It’s one of a kind that is for sure…I’m getting off topic though. Again, a side effect of the marijuana.

Well here I sit with this beautiful brew in front of me. It poured very smoothly with a bit less head than I would have liked to see. Although some may say my expecatations about head are too high. (No I’m never going to stop making crude jokes about head) It’s a very dark brown, not a lot of red to this one. Another small let down in my eyes but I haven’t lost hope! Let’s see how she smells.

Ooooh, I literally just made that noise. This is a surprisingly strong scented beauty, a quality most would abhor on other beauties. In the case of beer though, it’s great to have a strong scent. There’s a very sweet smell of caramel and malts, accompanied by a strong scent of alcohol. It’s the sweet and bitter combination that makes me love Belgian styles so much. They are always so complex and subtly nuanced that you can truly take time to appreciate them. This smell indicates this brew is no exception, let’s find out. A moment while a raise my glass please…

Superb…The body is extremely smooth, though not as rich as I prefer in dubbels. I find that to be the case with American brewed dubbels, the imports just seem fuller and richer. Not to say this brew is lacking any flavor whatsoever though, what blasphemy would that be!? The sweetness is contrasted perfectly by the bitterness in the alcohol; it makes for a very well balanced brew. Let me see what else I can taste in there…it’s almost like a dubbel flavor mixed with a stout’s body. Well it turns out that’s a pretty damn fine combination. Bravo to Anderson Valley Brewing, in good ole California. I do like their mantra on the back: “Because man cannot live on bread alone.” I think I’ll steal that for my blog =)

Overall, this is a great beer to drink on a Saturday afternoon. Although the body is not what I expected it was a pleasant surprise rather than an unpleasant one. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite Dubbel, but definitely a contender amongst them.

Until next beer this is Brian G. signing out!

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Ommegang Abbey Ale

Surprise, Surprise… I’m reviewing the now-remembered Abbey Ale from Good Ole’ Ommegang. say that name three times fast.. After having their Rare Vos brew I’ve got high expectations for this one. Let take a journey together, shall we?

Ah yes, there is the color I was looking for. Albeit more expected from a Dubbel than a Dark Ale which is a bit ironic when you think about it…alright, maybe not. It’s a very rich dark brown. A nice thick head comes from pouring this dark beauty which dissipates at a moderate speed. About 20 seconds or so I’d estimate…but my sense of timing has come into question before. I blame the marijuana.

On to the smell! Let’s stick our collective noses and have a sniff together. Whoops, I splashed a bit on my nose… ah great…well let me locate a napkin. (Insert time spent looking for napkin) Alright, ready to go. Now the first thing I noticed is this brew’s nose (that’s a fancy way of saying aroma) (Aroma is a fancy way of saying smell) Ahem…sorry I got sidetracked again.
This brews NOSE is subtle but if you pay close attention, which you’d better be doing, you can detect some nice things in there. I detect chocolate first and foremost, there’s no denying that. It’s accompanied by a slight fruity smell, ever so slight mind you. “Which fruit?” you ask.  Well my friend, if I could answer that question I would. I fear my sense of smell leaves something to be desired. Regrettably it is you, the reader, who suffers from my lack of smell. Perhaps a quick taste will solve this issue.

Well, lets not make hasty tastys….sorry I won’t ever do that again…today.
Ahh yes, a nice long sip reveals much more about this brew, mainly that it’s delicious. It has a very rich feel to it. Not a full-bodied feel like a dopplebock, no just very complex. It has an extremely smooth body, my favorite kind actually. Get your mind out of the gutter!
Continuing… The alcohol is much more apparent in this brew than the last. Ah, looking at the bottle now that is not surprising. It is 8.5% compared to the 6.5% Rare Vos from this brewery. That being said, it actually improves the taste a bit IMAO. (In my Alcoholic Opinion) The carbonation is a bit lackluster to be honest, it does have a much smaller head than its Dark Ale brother. I find that is a common aspect of Dubbels so they can’t be faulted for brewing it correctly. The fruit is not apparent whatsoever so maybe I WAS imagining the smell. Let me consult the label: Interesting fact about this brewery, it’s part of the “Duvel Family of Fine Ales”.
Well yippie-kai-yay I happen to have a Duvel in the fridge! I’ll be sure to review that one…when I feel like it.

Overall it is another fine entry from this brewery. I enjoy this brew a bit more than their Rare Vos. Perhaps it is just the higher ABV speaking to the little alcoholic inside me.
Until Next time this is Brian G signing out!

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