Dogfish Head – 75 minute IPA

Well hello there faithful readers. I come to you on a Tuesday tonight, which is a bit out of my normal schedule… but so be it! And what a contender of a beer I have tonight. Some of you fellow alcoholics may know of Dogfish Head’s IPA lineup already. There’s the standard 60 minute IPA, which is damn solid IPA. For those looking for a bit more, they have their 90 minute IPA, which is the bigger brother of 60 minute. And for the truly outrageous, they have 120 minute IPA….which is one hell of  a beer to say the least. Little did I know, there was a compromise created at some point. I present, for your reading enjoyment: The 75 Minute IPA! Now I didn’t even know this beer existed until my extremely vigilant, beer-loving friend sent me a text message. Thanks to her efforts, I can reward you all with this extra special brew review! Well, lets not waste any more time!

First of all, a brew this special deserves a bit of background story. It’s no ordinary beer, oh no, she’s a blend of 60 and 90 minute IPA mixed with maple syrup, and then bottle conditioned. Ah…blended beers are always something special to me, nothing like taking a risk and trying two beers mixed together. And in some cases, the result is so extraordinary the brewery ends up bottling the result. I’m already a fan of both beers in this brew, and the maple syrup…well it intrigues me to say the least. It also worries me a tad, but I should know this brewery can handle some off-centered ales.

She pours out beautifully, and leaves a healthy helping of head to boot! She’s a beautiful golden amber color, and has a stunning clarity. This is especially remarkable considering she’s bottle conditioned, which means she still has yeast in her. Ah yes, nothing like a living beer. Being a homebrewer, I’ve dealt with more yeast than a gynecologist. Did you cringe? Good! Back on topic, this is one fine looking brew. A beautiful color, a striking clarity, and a generous helping of head, she’s a triple threat. Let’s find out if her aroma is as nice as her appearance.

Hmmm….I think I can detect a hint of maple in there. Now, that’s not the first thing that hit my nose, I just happened to be thinking of it when I took a whiff. No, she’s an IPA, and not afraid to show it by smacking you across the nose with hops. She’s filling me with that citrus-filled, fruity, hoppy good place that we all should just dream about when we sleep. It’s actually more lemon than citrus now that I sit back and let it sink in, but near the end you catch a fleeting glimpse of Old Maple. The old gal just peeks around from her tree, and disappears as quickly as she appeared. She’s so slight that it makes you question her existence. Well, this is one damn fine smelling IPA to say the least, and it should be seeing as it’s made from two damn fine IPAs. Hopefully it will taste like five damn fine IPAs.

Well, it tastes like one damn fine IPA, and that’s just peachy with me! The first thing I notice, however, is how velvety smooth her body is. It’s remarkably different from body of 90 and 60 minute IPA, but that’s all due to the bottle conditioning, and possibly the maple syrup. And that’s the other thing I notice, there’s no prominent maple syrup at all. I should have known dogfish knew what they were doing with it, but let’s not get hasty. Let’s take a journey down this little road named flavor street.

She begins with a lovely sweetness from the malts, it truly reminds me of 90 minute at this point. However, it doesn’t last long, no this girl has a few tricks up her sleeve. The malty sweetness is quickly balanced by a healthy dose of lemony bitter hops, and it’s a perfect counter to the start of this beauty. This is where I can really feel the 60 minute IPA coming through, the almost dry hoppy finish closing off the experience. But….it’s more than that. There’s a slight sweetness to the finish, and the more I sit back and reflect on it, the more it seems like the maple syrup to me. Hold on….let me verify this….
Yup, it’s official. The finish is a blend of hoppy bitterness, and the sweetness of maple syrup. It’s a fantastic flavor, to say the least, and it’s because it’s done with such balance. Truly, Dogfish Head knows how to work with the more exotic beer ingredients.

And to support this wonderful blended flavor of beer goodness comes the smoothest body I’ve experienced in an IPA ever. Looking at the clarity and color of this beautiful beer, you really wouldn’t expect such a rich and smooth body. But there she is, sporting a body that a Belgian Dubbel would be proud to own, and allowing all the flavor to wash over you.

Overall, this is a fantastic and exotic IPA. A beautiful brewery blended brew that takes the best from both beers and adds her own spice to the mix. 75 minute IPA…you’ve earned your title for sure. If your into IPAs, or just extremely cool beers, try to find one of these babies.

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out!

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