Due South – Category 5 IPA

Ah, good evening faithful readers. It’s another lovely Thursday vesper, and I have an extremely special beer tonight. Now look, I know I say that…almost every review, but it’s true damnit! Tonight’s player is brewed in one of the few South Florida breweries that exist today. Specifically Due South, and it’s the first time this beautiful beer has ever been brewed! Ah…nothing like tasting a piece of history in the making.  I can’t begin to tell you readers how happy it makes me to have this bottle in my possession. Well I could, but we’d be here for a while. I’ve been longing for a bottle of locally brewed bubbly goodness for a while. It’s not just the beer, it’s the fact that the local brewing scene down here is growing, and the alcoholic in me is ecstatic! And to top it all off, it’s a nice Double IPA. Well let’s get on with it then, shall we?

What a gorgeous girl we have here. She sports a lovely golden color, topped with a very generous helping of foamy goodness, and has a striking clarity.  She’s like a gorgeous sunset on the Atlantic Ocean, complete with a sky full of the fluffiest, most delicious clouds you’ve ever laid eyes upon. And the best part about those clouds? Well, it’s the lacing good sir! As I write, her generous helping of head subsides and leaves a hefty amount of lacing… Her appearance alone beckons to you, promising a glass full of greatness. Let’s see if her aroma will follow this promise as well.

Oooooh yeah….those hops baby! A fine aroma if I ever smelled one, and lord knows I’ve smelled my fair share of fine aromas. She smacks you in the face with hops first and foremost, a very citrusy, and almost piney aroma with a very nice bite to it…if that even makes sense. The aroma becomes much more subtle after the initial hop scent hits you, a lovely malt flavor is there, coupled with some sweetness. Yes, she is living up to her promise already; she smells like a damn fine Double IPA. She’s hoppy alright, but also more complex than simply hops. Let’s try to discern her other secrets.

Mmm…there’s my IPA fix. She’s a very balanced delicious girl with a nice crisp bitterness to her finish. But let’s not get too hasty here….never that! Let’s take it slow with this girl.Let’s enjoy every subtle nuance she has to offer.
She begins with an exquisite balance of citrusy hops and sweet malts, a lovely start to a lovely beer. But she’s not even close to finished yet, oh no. She waits until your comfortable, and then sends a category 5 hurricane of hoppy bitterness crashing across your tongue… Poseidon himself would be humbled. And once those crisp waves has subsided, the remnants of the storm remain with you quite vividly… begging for just one more trip to the hoppy deep. Far be it from me to deny such requests….Ahh, now that’s a good beer. And, to support this whole experience, a full yet light body encompasses the entire ocean. It’s not too light to leave me wanting, but light enough to allow the flavors their well deserved spotlight.

Overall, this is a damn fine Double IPA from start to finish. It’s a shame it won’t be around for long, but that makes it so much more special. And the fact that it was created about 20 miles from where I live…pretty damn cool if you ask me, and I know nobody asked me but I’m gonna say it regardless. So if your a local South Floridian (or an advocate of travel), and a fan of hoppy yet balanced Double IPAs, make sure you get some of this brew before it’s gone.

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out!

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