Cigar City Brewing – Bolita

Ahh…Good evening faithful readers. Tonight is an especially fine evening. “Why is that Brian?”, you ask with wonder. Well, a few reasons actually. I just secured four more bottles of Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout, the new X-Com is out and I have all night to play it after this, and this weekend is Oktoberfest! In fact, a local brewery called Due South is releasing bottled beers for the first time ever with brand new beers! I’ll be there Tomorrow or Saturday for sure, but let’s talk about tonight. Tonight is a wonderful night, a night for the brown beauty named: Bolita. Make sure when you read that you pause after named, and then whisper….bolita. Go ahead and try it, it’s fun! I can wait….alright done? Moving on!

Well, well… this gal is a beauty! She certainly lives up the appearance of a double brown ale. She’s a decadently dark brown, almost black color, topped with gorgeous foamy helping of head. She’s already left a bit of lacing as well, good show! A good helping of head is always quite nice, especially from a dark beauty like this. Let’s check out her aroma….don’t use that sentence out of context.

Ohh, clever girl…Because of my habits, and her dark appearance, I was fully expecting a roasty stout aroma. Ha…should have known better…it’s a damn double nut brown ale, and it smells freakin wonderful. It’s a huge hit of toffee and nuts up front, and I detect a subtle roasted quality in the back of the aroma. It has this woody feel to it as well…if that even makes sense. It’s pretty damn good smelling to say the least. Let’s see if her taste can live up to her complex aroma.

Oh, what a pleasure. I’m immediately reminded of Zhukov for some reason, maybe it’s because I’ve  had too many and my palate is forever changed. But she’s got her own style for sure, far be it from this beauty to simply rip off another gal’s ensemble. She begins boldly with all that toffee aroma converted into taste immediately, yet she teases it with the slightest hint of sourness…now that’s awesome! She’s not done there either, oh no, she mixes some chocolate in with it…but once you swallow…man. Once you swallow this, my friend, your sweet chocolatey toffee taste is washed away by a wave of woody bitterness. And in her wake she leaves you with a roasted nutty flavor that echos through the ages.

Overall, wow! I’m not a big fan of brown ale, or double brown ale, or double nut brown ale, but I’m a fan of this beer right here! Plus the label is kind of funny with the bald guy and all the cue balls. It’s probably got some meaning, I won’t ruin the surprise and google it for you. This beauty impressed me greatly, I never knew a brown ale could be so complex. If you can, try this beer!

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out!

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2 thoughts on “Cigar City Brewing – Bolita

  1. todd Cutter

    It is not everyday I concur wholeheartedly with a review, but this is one that is spot on. This beer has got me trying other brown ales and I am not to much of a brown ale guy either. I did shave my beard too. And I miss it a tad. But I think I can go without it. Yay beer.

  2. Well, beards are cool because they always grow back.
    And thanks for reading my reviews =)
    Bolita definitely rocked my perception of Brown Ales.

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