Great Lakes Brewing Co. – Nosferatu

Ah, hello my pretties… Another Monday evening is upon us, and tonight’s player is a bit chilling. Ah yes, Nosferatu, a term meaning: “vampire”, that was born out of legal necessity. I’ve always thought it was a cooler name than vampire, and it’s a very cool name for a brew. Appropriately released for the fall season, it’s an Imperial Red Ale, which is a new one to me. The label features a creepy picture of it’s namesake, the perfect beer for October, and a fine companion for a Monday night. This devilish delight doesn’t make it’s way down to Florida, my loving sister generously shipped this beautiful brew my way, so I’d like to personally thank her for making this possible! Thanks sis! Well, let’s see how scary this beer really is.

Appropriate, almost by requirement, this brew is a nice bloody red color. Well… as red as beer can truly get. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from this beast, it would look at home in the dungeons of Transylvania. And the beautiful head reminds one of boiling cauldrons. It fits quite nicely atop this brew. An appropriately attired ale that lives up to her name and spirit! Let’s find out how chilling her aroma is…

Oh, it’s a monstrous aroma of hops in your face, heartily held up with a healthy dosing of malts. It immediately reminds me of Hop Head Red, a fine hopped up red ale. It’s a damn fine smell if you digs those hops, and being Irish I can’t help but feel the need to approve red ales. Usually, I find red ales to be lacking a bite…I know, I know…how dare I go against my heritage! But it’s just how I feel… and I won’t apologize for it damnit! But if there is anything that can make a red ale appealing to me, it’s hops baby! The aroma has the slightest bit of sweetness too, it’s mostly from the malts. Well she smells wonderful and balanced, but how does she taste?

In a word, awesome. In more than one word: She begins with a fistful of piney hoppy goodness and immediately follows with sweet malts and….is that a bit of caramel? Whatever the hell it is, it’s freakin great, a perfect counter to the piney hops. The malts take over midway through the tasting, and the finish is a wave of bitterness that cleans everything up nicely. It’s an incredibly hoppy and malty beer at the same time, and it makes for a very balanced, extremely tasty brew. As much as Nosferatu wants to be a terror, she’s an absolute delight. Don’t take her lightly though, a few of these monsters will leave you ripe for vampir…ahem, Nosferatu attacks.

Overall, this is a damn fine brew. Perfectly balanced yet in your face hops and malts, definitely a beast of a beer. If you can get some of this halloween delight, do yourself a favor do it!

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out

P.S. Muhahahahahaha!

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