Cigar City Brewing – Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout

Good evening again faithful readers. It’s an especially fine evening tonight, I happen to have IMHO the best stout in the world. You might have noticed from the picture, this is a beast of a beer. It’s a seasonal release from Cigar City and is the mother of all stouts, named after the great Russian Marshal Zhukov. This beer promises to be a heavy hitter based on the label alone, boasting an impressive 11%. Let’s get on with it then, best not keep this beauty waiting any longer.

Impressive…that’s what come’s to my mind when I look into this beautiful brew. She pours out like motor oil, the blackest of black, and incredibly thick. Even the head cannot escape the darkness untainted, it emerges from the bowels of this beastly beauty, stained with the tasty tar of her depths. The head leaves a beautiful lacing as it struggles to stay above the pit of despair. She’s an amazing looking brew, truly a thing of beauty. I must be closer to this beer…

Ahh…the smell is very subdued for such a big brew, perhaps the aroma has trouble escaping the thickness of this beauty.  If I try reaaaaal hard I can get some aroma though. It’s dominated mostly by roasted malts and dark chocolate, with the slightest hint of coffee. It promises a very balanced taste in a very bold beer, let’s see if she live up to it.

Oh, this brew tastes amazing. The flavor that hits you first is incredible, it’s like a wave of chocolate mixed with hoppy bitterness crashing across your tongue whilst locked in an epic battle. As you swallow, the bitterness takes over, and you get the warm and fuzzy internal hug of alcohol washing down your chest. Yup, she’s a cuddler alright, a perfect beer for winter. In fact, the brewery suggests holding on to this beer until winter, mine won’t be lasting that long! The finish stays with you long after you’ve swallowed your beer, a mild bitterness and slightly alcoholic, almost like the aftertaste of whiskey. Ah the remnants of greatness… But there’s one thing about tasting this beer that truly stand out, and that’s the body. Super rich and creamy doesn’t do this justice, it’s the absolute perfect body for a heavy stout. The richest of the rich, this is the Oprah of stouts people! They don’t come thicker than… The Marshal….

Overall, this is a god damned honor to stout. The body alone deserves applause, and the taste stands right next to it. If your a fan of stouts, or heavy beers, you gotta try to get one of these babies.

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out!

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3 thoughts on “Cigar City Brewing – Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout

  1. This beer is like Mecca for the stout faithful. Great review.

  2. j

    wonder why you didn’t like the Apple Brandy Vanilla version?

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