Liefmans Goudenband

Good evening once again faithful readers. It’s a lovely evening tonight indeed, I had a very relaxing day and am capping my night off with this review. It’s another sour beer, I just want to try any sour beer I can for some reason. I’m really digging the complexities and differences in them. Tonight we have Liefmans Goudenband on display. The bottle alone is pretty damn cool, it’s all wrapped in paper which I rarely see. In fact, it’s the only one I know of that’s wrapped in paper. Does that mean it’ll taste fantastic? Probably not, but it gets some points for a classy bottle. Let’s see how she looks inside…man that sounds like something a surgeon would say.

Nice and dark, that’s what I like to see. It’s this beautiful ruby-red, but not quite completely. It leans more towards a mahogany color than anything. It also has an ample size head that leaves a decent amount of lacing. She won’t be winning the best head giver 2012 award like the E.S. Bam, but I appreciate her effort regardless. A fine-looking beer no doubt! Let’s see what her smell’s all about.

Mmmm… tart baby tart. I was hoping for this tart punch in the nose and my wish came true, but far be it from me to stop there. No, I owe you readers a good college try so you can imagine the aromas wafting from this dark beauty. Mmm…after the tart aroma there is a seductively sweet scent. It’s aroma reminds me of a tart apple actually, I think they are called Granny Smith apples, which is the coolest name for an apple IMAO. I really enjoy this contrasting aroma, it may even have a touch of cherry but I’m probably just imagining things again. Such is life…Well I know one way to find more flavors, on to the tasting!

Ohh, yes, yes, and yes! There is a superb balance to this beer, and the whole experience is extremely satisfying. A beer this complex deserves my best metaphors, similes, and puns, so let’s see what I come up with.

First of all you get an immediate mix of sweet and sour when this beauty hits your tongue. Like some divine warhead which has each half sour and sweet, rather than sweet encased in sour. It has an exquisite contrast in a perfect balance that could rival Van Gogh’s finest works. She starts off strongly, waving her contrast like a male peacock showing off his plumage. Then the subtle sweetness, born of apples and cherries, crescendos to overcome the tart mistress. But only for a moment! Once you begin to swallow this sacred sweetness a tidal wave of tart crashes across your tongue washing away the flavor just before it becomes too much to handle. It’s as if Poseidon himself intervened to ensure a balance in this beautiful brew. And, as if to throw my sea metaphors out the window, she finishes very dryly with the slightest of winks to remind you she’s still around. It’s a good sharp finish to a very fine brew.

Overall, this is one World Class beer. It’s the perfect example of a balanced sour brew and I couldn’t be happier with this.What’s best is, I still have a whole bottle to finish! If you like sours, or are feeling adventurous, GET THIS BEER!

Until next beer, this is Brian G. Signing out!

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