Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel

Wow, that’s a hell of a name for a beer. I’m glad this is a blog and not a podcast because I know I’d pronounce this brew’s name horribly wrong. It’s a pretty interesting beer, the bottle is pretty damn cool and extremely heavy, like the Notorious B.I.G. may he rest in peace. It’s really one big ass bottle, part of the reason it’s sitting in front of me now, one does not simply walk by such a large bottle. That and the fact that it’s a Belgian IPA, I usually stick to the darker brews, but I went a bit IPA happy on my last trip. I’m ready for this change of pace…it is time. (Please use an old wizard voice in your head when you read it is time…) Let’s see how she pours.

Well it’s certainly no dark beer, but then, I wasn’t really expecting it to be. It’s an extremely opaque light yellow or golden color. I can’t see my hand on the other side…this makes me extremely happy as it often points to a nice body. The head looks fantastic on this baby, it is extremely uneven and foamy. It looks like a bubble bath really, and it leaves a hell of a lot of lacing. Imagine the head from Guinness on an IPA with a tad less volume…that’s it right there. Well let’s see if it smells like a Guinness.
Wow, this is nowhere near a stout, it’s not even in the same country as stout, this is an IPA through and through. Very hoppy smell with a good amount of bite to it, but there is also an underlying floral aroma that mellows the other flavors. It’s smells like a sam adams but a bit lighter and more complex. Well I can’t wait any longer, it just smells too good.

Oooh…that’s pretty damn interesting. It’s got the IPA aftertaste, the bitter hoppy aftertaste that I’ve been missing for so long. Ah, it’s truly great to have an IPA back in my life! How I’ve missed the IBU ratings and the manly feeling I get with each swig. This is a man’s beer IMAO, there is no getting around these hops baby! I’m surprised it doesn’t taste more alcoholic, it weighs in at a hefty 9%. That’s up there around 90 minute IPA from dogfish head and you can really taste the alcohol in that. Man that’s another great IPA by the way…I digress
It’s interesting to have a Belgian IPA, I can taste hints of fruit and spice and perhaps a bit of lemon. It’s not as bitter as an American IPA and not as complex as a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. It’s a very nice middle ground for those looking for a bit of both worlds. The body is medium to light with a very foamy head that adds quite a bit of enjoyability to the texture. The carbonation is just right as it gives the brew an effervescent feel.

Overall I’m extremely happy with my choice to start getting into IPAs again. It’s basically a middle-ground between the heavy hitting IPAs and the extremely rich dark ales. It’s also got a gnome on the bottle, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. If you’re a fan of rich or bitter brew I’d give this beauty a chance.

Until next beer this is Brian G. signing out.

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