Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

(Ed. Note- This is a review from some time ago after I had stopped reviewing)

Well here I sit once again on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a very special beer sitting in front of me, so special that I felt it had to be the first review I did since I got back. It’s definitely been a long time since I wrote a review and I’m looking forward to getting back into it.  Not that I haven’t been drinking good beer in the  meantime, oh no nothing so preposterous! I happened to misplace a vital piece of my camera so it has been decommissioned until quite recently. Shortly after, almost like it was destiny, I came upon a brew that intrigued me so much I simply couldn’t pass it by. As I walked down the aisle, a radiating halo of light appeared to be coming from this bottle. It was demanding my attention subconsciousness, and who am I to go against my subconscious? With a golden orange label and a familiar name for comfort I cradled my bottle as I brought it home, and waited, and waited, and waited. It’s the last bottle of brew until I schedule a new trip, but I am very glad I waited.

Now I know your probably saying “Hey Brian, what the hell is so special about this beer?” Well, I’ll tell you my alcoholic friends! It’s because they have taken on of my favorite beers, Yeti, but used a Belgian yeast instead of the normal yeast! This should give it a lot of the fruit and spice flavor that comes in most Belgian brews regardless of type. Now Weyerbacher has a Belgian Imperial Stout, which is essential the same thing.  It’s called Tiny, and it’s delicious, but Yeti I have always know as a traditional Russian Imperial Stout, so this is like seeing  a Belgian Old Rasputin…man that would be amazing. Perhaps I should e-mail North Coast brewing…I digress. I’m very excited about this brew…I truly am. So without further ado…

It pours out dark, dark brown with a head that comes a bit belated. The head forms from the bowels of your glass slowly to leave a beautiful topping, as you can see above. Wow, when I say dark, I mean dark. It might as well be considered black but in the light you can see hints of brown, and there is no lookin’ through this baby, that’s for damn sure. It’s like some kind of dark skinned sultry exotic dancer, I hope it doesn’t smell like one. 😉
Fact: Winks make every joke tolerable, no matter how blue…moving on.

Well it certainly smells fantastic, nothing like latex and astroglide so that’s great! 😉 The smell is quite subdued, but it’s there if you really smell. You just gotta work a bit to get it, your not afraid of a little hard work are you? Good! Well get in there an take a big ol’ sniff! Now it’s mostly malts like a good stout should be, but there is Belgian flare of spice for sure. It mostly smells like a solid roasty stout though, some hints of coffee as well. Let’s not forget that Yeti is a stout, period. This just has a bit of variation, but man this is a confident feeling stout…if that makes sense in the least bit. Enough is enough, let’s see how it tastes.

Ah, now thats stout! (Have I said it’s a stout enough yet?)First and foremost, I would like to officially praise Great Divide on the body and texture of Yeti. It’s simply the prime example of balance in a rich creamy stout, it’s smooth and heavy. I’m sure theres a funny analogy in there, feel free to send them in! Maybe like an overweight seal? Jokes aside, the taste itself is a testamant to balance as well. It starts off with a very coffee-like malty taste. The spices of the Belgian are almost undetectable, I might be tricking myself into tasting them actually. Then you get a great wave of bitter when you swallow that counters the sweetness, but there’s very little sweetness to this bad boy. It’s a stout until the end, with a nearly undetectable twist, but a twist nonetheless. The original Yeti is fantastic, so I’m glad they didn’t go wild here and kept most of the original taste. I really wish I had a normal one to compare it to now, I’m gonna pick one up on my next trip for sure. Damn you Yeti, I can’t escape your meaty paws!

Overall this is a great stout. Don’t let the Belgian-Style label fool ya, it’s a stout there’s no doubt. HA! Now that made me smile right there. If you like a good stout, there’s no doubt, try Yeti Out,  Belgian-Style that is. Seriously though, stout fans should give this baby a go, it’s not too heavy (for people who like heavy beers) and not too light, in fact this brew it seems just right. Ok I’m done, it sure was fun.

Until next beer this is Brian G. signing out!

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