Stone Sixteenth Anniversary IPA


Hello there avid readers! It’s a lovely quiet Sunday today and seemed like the perfect time to review a beer. In fact, I happen to have a beer that isn’t supposed to be released yet. It’s Stone’s 16th Anniversary IPA which will come out Monday (8/13/12) when I post this review. Somehow, some blessed way, some bottles found there way to South Florida and into my extremely lucky hands. I gotta say, if Stone’s 10th anniversary Ruination is any indication to how they do special anniversary beers, this one is gonna be a treat! Well, enough speculation let’s get down to bidness!

This beautiful double IPA pours out a lovely golden amber with a hefty helping of head to top it off. Now this is a fine lookin’ brew right here… The head is thick and foamy, like shampoo being worked into a gorgeous young woman’s hair. The lacing, oh the lacing! It leave’s an impressively thick lacing, which mean this is one fine lady to spend an afternoon with. There’s nothing I enjoy more when finishing a beer than seeing a glass full of lacing…like the ruins of some great culture, it’s somehow beautiful in it’s destruction. Speaking of destruction, I have a hunch this baby may have a wreckin’ ball of hops aimed directly at my nose.

Mmmm, not quite a punch in the face like I was expecting. No, instead she opts for a more graceful aroma to seduce and entice your taste buds. She sends a gentle breeze of lemon past your nostrils which crescendos quickly into citrus and hop aroma, and then fades of with the slightest hint of alcohol. None of the scent is overwhelming though, it’s all very subtle and pretty damn balanced IMAO. Let’s see if the taste follows suit

Oh man…yeah this is a double IPA right here! Any doubt of a hop-forward flavor was just blasted away by a canon of the Humulus Lupulus. (That’s science talk for hops….sorry I just like to feel smart) Kidding aside, this baby firmly embraces the double IPA belief of extravagant amounts of hop flavor. Now let’s take it one step at a time and try to describe it…

Up front you can taste a hint of lemon, quickly followed by a citrus hop flavor. Then a wave of bitterness washes over your tongue as if to proclaim: “Here I Am Tongue!”. “Indeed Mr. Bitterness” she says with confidence, “you have been acknowledged! Now I push you away with a lingering fruitiness, perhaps  a bit of apple if you please?” But bitterness shall not be beaten so easily, he come’s back after seemingly subsiding to remind you who truly reigns supreme in double IPAs.

Appropriately, this beauty has a solid body to back up her taste. It’s rich and full, which mean about the same thing… so maybe that was a repetitive thing to say. Regardless, I have no regret, for that is what came to my mind immediately. The carbonation is perfect for a full bodied beauty like this one. A foamy, luxurious head to perfectly complement her bodacious body. Truly she is a goddess among IPAs.
Overall this is one hell of an IPA. It weighs in at 10% which is astounding because it’s very hard to detect the alcohol. It’s there….ever-so-slightly at the end if your really searching for it.The lemon is a nice twist and goes well with the fruitier hop flavor in this brew. I’m glad to have gotten this baby early, and hope to get more because one bottle just isn’t enough!

Until next beer, this is Brian G. signing out!

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2 thoughts on “Stone Sixteenth Anniversary IPA

  1. That looks like a great beer – cool bottle too.

    Thanks for sharing.

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