Knee Deep Brewing – Simtra


Well hello there again loyal readers. Today we have a very special beer coming all the way from the west coast. It’s called Simtra, and apparently it was only brewed once by Knee Deep and it weighs in at a extremely high 10.1%. Now they call this beast a triple IPA. I’ve never heard of a Triple IPA but it seems like an apt name for an IPA this strong. Lets do some research and see what comes up. Not much, apparently it’s pretty limited and I was lucky enough to get a couple by trading some beer with a fellow alcoholic all the way in Cali. I’d like to say thanks again to my trading buddy! Well let’s get on with it then.

It pours out like a ray of sunshine, truly a beacon of beauty. It’s a pretty clear brew and very bright if that even makes sense. It probably doesn’t, just the rambling of an alcoholic. It had a decent head, while not overly impressive, it was about a finger’s width and went away at a moderate pace. It did leave a bit of lacing and that’s just alright with me. Let’s see if she smells as good as she looks.

Oh… goodness. Wow…this beer give your nose a reason to exist. You can smell the hops dancing around putting you in a trance of pure bliss. My mouth immediately waters to taste this hoppy wonder. I can tell this beer is gonna be good by the smell alone…It’s piney and hoppy yet balanced with a nice sweet touch. This is probably the best smelling IPA I’ve ever had the privilege of possessing. Man I can’t hold back now let’s taste this beauty.

Wow….I’m truly blown away. It’s like an explosion of hops right in the middle of tasting it. Alright, I’m gonna try to taste it one step at a time and describe this experience. The first thing I taste is almost like a bit of caramel if you can believe it…maybe I’m just imagining things but it has a certain sweetness to it. Like the bitter old lady next door that feels bad once in a blue moon and gives out huge candy bars at Halloween. She’s primarily bitter but has a hint of sweetness to her. Then you get blasted by the piney hop flavor…like a shotgun full of hops from 2 inches away. When you swallow this wonder you get a crescendo of bitterness and malts that lingers just the right amount. It’s not to say you don’t get a lingering bitterness, but it drops off greatly before staying so it’s not as obtrusive as other IPAs like Ruination.

Overall if your a hop lover try to get one of these bottles while you can. I’ve never had a Triple IPA but I believed this beer is deserving of that title. What’s funny is I can’t even taste the alcohol in it yet it’s a whopping 10.1…. man this is a creeper beer. Just make sure to share the love if you do get one of these beauties

Until next beer this is Brian G signing off!

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2 thoughts on “Knee Deep Brewing – Simtra

  1. I love your reviews and..I loved this beer! I will be on the lookout for powerhouse IPA’s that might compete.

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