Trappistes Rochefort 10


As I sit here waiting to taste this beer I cannot help but feel a bit impatient. But it is a very pleasant impatience, for I know this beer is going to taste great! I’ve had the Rochefort 8 before, and as most Trappist beers are, it was quite tasty. There’s something magical about the fact that actual Monks in Belgium were involved in brewing this beer I’m about to taste. If you don’t know what a Trappist ale is, I’ll give you the short version: It was brewed by no-shit Monks to upkeep their monastery. There are only 7 certified trappist breweries in the entire World! Chimay is the largest and most well-known trappist Ale, and it’s pretty damn good. I do prefer Rochefort IMAO (in my alcoholic opinion) but that may just be my rebellious side because honestly they both taste excellent. Well enough chit-chat let’s get down to bidness!

The pour is much like one would expect from a Belgian Dubbel. A big foamy luxurious head with oh so tiny bubbles! It’s a dark brown, slightly red color that is as opaque as, well something solid I suppose…Fill in your own analogy, I’ve got beer to drink! Well, I better stick to my own rules and just smell it first.

Oh yeah, I can smell that 11.8% right there baby, and I love it! It’s accompanied by that yeasty-spicy-fruity-holy smell that often goes hand in hand with Belgians. Belgian ales that is, not the people. This aroma, however, is quite a bit stronger than most Belgians I have sampled. Maybe this one didn’t bathe as much…*insert rimshot*  Now if your a fan of the darker richer Belgian ales you will recognize this brew as smelling “fan-freakin-tastic”. Alright time for a taste!

Ohhhh yeah, complex for sure. I’m gonna have to take this one step at a time:

Alright the first flavor I notice is a subtle fruitiness quickly followed by spice and carbonation. The carbonation is pretty bubbly here, but not overwhelmingly so in any way. In fact quite the contrary! It helps you experience all of the flavors in this brew. After the carbonation subsides your left with a nice bitterness to counter the sweetness. It creates a very pleasant and well-balanced aftertaste.

The body, my god the body on this beer. I’ve often thought that the texture and feel of a beer is as important as taste, and this beer is another point for my case I believe. The texture is rich and extremely smooth… like Will Smith in Hitch. The carbonation is perfect for the texture, and the bubbles swirl around to let you taste each nuance. It’s rich without being heavy, if that makes any sense at all.

Overall, this beer is a god-damn win. Excuse my french, but it’s that damn good! It’s easily my favorite Belgian now, ranked above even Goulden Carolus Kaizer or whatever it is…you know, that blue ribbon bottle I love so much. Personally, I just call it the Kaiz but it has a longer name. I’m just really good friends with the Kaiz so he doesn’t mind. Well the Kaiz is much too sweet in comparison to this brew right here, this is how I feel a Belgian ale should truly be…well at least a strong dark Belgian ale. I’d highly recommend this brew if it didn’t cost so damn much, but grab one as a special occasion now and then. Savor it, it gets better with warmth!

Until Next Beer this is Brian G signing out!

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8 thoughts on “Trappistes Rochefort 10

  1. I had this at the Portland International Beer fest last weekend. Amazing stuff.

  2. O

    got a small buzz just reading the description … cheers

  3. A wonderful brew and an excellent review.

  4. Great review! One of my favourites trappists, luckly I could drink a lot of them when I was living in Brussels!! Someone who is supposed to be learned in beers told me that the Rochefort 8º is the best of Rochefort…

    • Thanks glad you liked the review =)
      Yup some people prefer the 8 for sure but IMAO 10 is where it’s at!
      If only they made a 12…

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