Great Divide – Rumble


Well here we are on a Thursday night after work. I just finished dinner and poured myself a very good ale. I’ve had a few of these and since this is the last of a sixer I said I’d better review. It’s a seasonal brew so it’s not always around, and I gotta say it’s pretty damn good.
Why is that Brian? you ask. Well I’ll tell ya believe it or not.

First of all it’s an oak aged IPA. Oak aged beer is usually pretty good stuff, I don’t think I’ve come across one I didn’t like. Plus it sounds cool, like it’s an extra refined brew. Make sure you smoke a wooden pipe and summon a falcon before drinking this refined beauty.
And a beauty she truly is, though she doesn’t give as much head as I advocate. It’s a magnificent color just like a beautiful sunset against an ocean backdrop. The head is about a finger’s width and dissipates fairly quickly. It does leave a bit of lacing which is always a plus. Overall it’s one fine lookin’ brew.

Now this is one beauty that smells as fine as she looks. It’s an orchestra of aromas playing together in the theatre that is my olfactory. First the woody oak hits you and then the beautiful maltiness of an IPA. The hops are pretty buried under the malt and oak, like they murdered the poor hop and hid the body. I know they’re in there somewhere though, I won’t give up on this murder. I bet I can taste em out…that’s what a good detective does after all.
Oh yeah there they are, your under arrest! Alright I’m done with the detective metaphor, I didn’t have a clue I was being obnoxious. Alright I’m done for real.

Anyways, you can definitely taste the hops flavor and bitterness in copious amounts. But it doesn’t seem as hoppy as a lot of other IPAs due to the oaks firm grasp on center stage. The oaky woody flavor mixes well with the piney, bitter taste of the hops to create a truly wonderful brew. It’s got a rich body for an IPA, if I had to guess I’d say that’s more influence from the oak. Who knows, all that matters is it’s a wonderful wonderful thing. It finishes with a bit of bite and a lingering hoppiness that you get from most IPAs.

Overall this is another solid beer from Great Divide. I didn’t even know this beer existed til I saw it just sitting there. I always get very excited when I see a new beer from a brewery I really enjoy, and Great Divide is one of the best IMAO. Definitely will be trying to get more of this before they are out of season. I’ve got a rumble in my belly for this beauty.

Until next beer this is Brian G signing ouff.

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2 thoughts on “Great Divide – Rumble

  1. dale

    If you can get your hands on some Cigar City White Oak Aged Jai Alai, you’ll be in IPA heaven! Rumble is good, the Jai Alai is outstanding!

    • Yeah I’ve been looking to try that one, heard rumblings (no pun intended) of it on Facebook, it should be around soon hopefully.

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