Friday The 13th Special: A Collaborative Review on a Collaborative Brew.


Friday The 13th Special:
A Collaborative Review on a Collaborative Brew.

Well hello again young readers. I’m here today with a very special brew on a very special day with some very special people. In fact this both this brew and review are a collaboration. It’s from a brewer we’ve never heard of, BottleWorks, and brewed by the fine people at stone. Stone created the bear Double Bastard, so they get a lot of respect for great beers. This one however is simply named 13. Here on the 13th of Friday (insert spooky music) we thought it would be a match made in heaven. Although this particular brew seems to have the Devil’s hand involved in its creation. It in fact contains no less than 13 varieties of hops and grains, of which I will not list due to the boredom it would create. So without further ado…let us commence.
(For clarity my text will be black, Nicole’s will be pink, and Mike’s will be blue)

Now this beauty poured out much darker than I expected, darker any of us expected for that matter, but that’s a very pleasant surprise much like when an alcoholic finds that bottle he forgot about. The color reminded me of mahogany, which is a fun word to say. Go ahead and try it! It makes you sound refined. Unfortunately the head was a bit lacking and short-lived. Being the advocate of excessive head that I am, I could not help but be a bit disappointed. I know at least my other reviewer Mike would agree however I don’t know how Nicole feels about excessive head. Maybe she will grace us with that knowledge:
Excessive head at the start might sound impressive, but don’t let the lack of head ruin the overall experience… oh wait we’re still talking about beer right?

When wafting (read: vigorously smelling) the beer be careful not to spill or insufflate this brew through the nose. Go ahead and look up the word insufflate, I had to after I read it.
Indeed, I must confess to my sin of spilling a sacred drop of this wonderful liquid. Unfortunately it’s a side effect of being an alcoholic, but I regret nothing! The smell, while hard to detect, does have a hint of spice or vodka burn.
–Mike just showed me a heavily bosomed shirtless gentlemen through the magic of google docs, I am sure this is the intended purpose.

I digress…It contains hints of coffee laced with liquor, like any good cup of joe should be.

To me the scent more like coffee and Isopropyl alcohol… no offense if that’s the kind of stuff you’re into.  However it does give a great inclination of how strong this brew really is. PS I’m already drunk.  

Well, I can’t stand it any longer, time to put my tongue on this dark beauty.

I am almost finished with my chalice and Brian hasnt even had a sip? and he’s the alcoholic???

I suffer for my readers!

Wow…what a rich beautiful baby this is. She whips my tongue like a beautiful dominatrix, leaving gashes of brandy and bitter coffee. I suspect the level of alcohol has something to do with it. You can definitely feel the burn in this baby, she’s been workin it. Surprisingly enough her body is light and refreshing. Like a young innocent coed, before the “freshman 15”. But damn she sure leaves her mark with a lingering aftertaste that is only slightly unpleasant.  Its strong upon the first sip and encompasses all parts of the palate first with alcoholic essence, then mocha coffee and malt but finishes without that overly bitter linger of a dark ale. I also don’t feel like i have a cup of molasses sitting in my stomach.

Overall I’m glad to have tried this 13th anniversary beer on this 13th day with 13 hops and grain, but with all those ingredients and variety the taste cannot help but be muddle ever so slightly. EVEN SO! I dare not denounce this young lass, for she has heart and experience, the experience of 13 years in a lovely celebration of beer!

As a girl (aka a person that stereotypically doesn’t like a dark beer because it looks like Guinness) I can honestly say I like this beer more than Brian does. Which means it’s really good.
Until next beer this is Brian G. and Nicole signing out

Oh and this was Mike’s contribution to the review:
it tastes great!!!!   I likes head. -Mike

Oh and here’s the pic he supplied for this review. (I refuse to show it here lol click on the link. Oh and Not Safe For Work!!!)

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