A rumbling in the darkness


Hello….is there anybody in there?

Yup! I’m right here and back in action…well as much action as typing a blog is. I know some of you readers have left…I mean it has been over a year since my last update. Even I can’t stomach my same articles for that long…actually I can’t stomach them for more than a week at the most. But were not here to talk about my stomach…are we? No? OK…maybe that will be my next blog. Brian’s Bowel Blog….nice ring to it eh? I’ll be sure to include pictures on that one as well.

Toilet humor aside, recent life events have motivated me to start reviewing beers again. In fact I have a decent amount of reviews in my stable ready for release so I should be able to keep up a regular schedule of reviews. I will be releasing reviews on Mondays and Thursdays every week. This should give me ample time to review enough beers to keep it flowing steadily. The brew and the blog that is. But let me bring you up to speed:

In the past year, though I have not been blogging about it, I have been learning and enjoying quite a lot of craft beers. Did you really think I wouldn’t be drinking? Blasphemy I say! Though doing this blog will help me rationalize my beer habits.

“So what has changed?” you ask with fervor! Well the biggest change is that I grew a gnarly beard. Maybe I’ll start a Brian’s Beard Blog…so many B’s to work with I can make blogs all day. Aside from the beardness I have also started brewing my own beer. No, I’m  not using yeast from my beard like Rogue is doing…though I might have some yeast in my beard who knows. I just don’t have the means to harvest it…one day, one day.

My generous sister donated a Mr. Beer kit to me last Christmas when I went home to visit. She has started me on a journey for which I see no end. She has given my life purpose and meaning where before it was empty and listless. I’ve since upgraded to 5-gallon batches and better beer kits from Northern Brewer. I won’t bore (is that the right bore?…I know it’s not boar but bore sounds so violent) you with the details in writing though, I’ll probably take some photo’s of my next brew session which should be pretty cool. Maybe even a video if I can find a camera man. It will be the heaviest beer I have brewed yet, an Imperial Stout which has become my favorite style in the past year over the Belgians I used to love.

I’ve also located a couple local breweries. I intend to review their local offerings to give the rest of the world a glimpse of southern Florida local beers. Now I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet…I mean I don’t have a fancy tablet or laptop to type reviews on at their bar. Pen and paper? My hand gets too cramped too fast because of my poor penmanship skills. My father was right all along…
I’ll probably just take home a growler of their brews because it’s fun to say growler. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try it, heck ill do it with you. “Groooowler” oh yeah! Fun times.On that note I will now be calling 22oz bottles “bombers” for the same reason. But I’ll snap some pictures of the breweries too. I know of at least 3 in the fairly local area, and 3 more in the not-so-local-but-maybe-worth-a-trip-one-day area. Anyways, it was a blast at Due South here in Boynton beach and I bet the others will be too.

Oh and expect some beer reviews from some not-so-local beers as well. Namely, Pliny the Elder should be arriving here tomorrow. See I’ve stumbled across a beer trading community, I send some Florida beers to Cali, they send some Cali beers back. So I can’t wait to taste some of these beers I can’t get around here. Aside from having a bad ass name, Pliny the Elder is supposedly one of  the best IPAs in the world. We shall see….we shall see.

So for those of you who have come back I welcome you with open arms! For those who haven’t I do the same! And for those who just stopped by here for a hug…well that’s gonna cost ya. Send me an e-mail and I’ll shoot you my hug price list. (There’s a bulk discount at 1000)

Stay tuned, first review in a long time is coming Monday and hopefully it will be for Pliny the Elder.

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One thought on “A rumbling in the darkness

  1. I welcome back and eagerly await the next exposé de l’indulgence. Beard yeast beer sounds nasty, hope I can try some. Also, I’d be happy to record!

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