Collaboration Not Litigation Ale

Ah what a fine Sunday evening it is. As I wind down and watch all my Sunday animated favorites I happen to have a very interesting beer in my possession. It’s a collaboration between Avery Brewing which I know, and Russian River Brewing which I don’t know. Apparently the owners became friends and realized one day they both have beers named “Salvation” Well instead of litigation they made collaboration, which Vinnie’s (of Russian River Brewing) wife suggested they name it. So here I have a bottle from the 4th batch. I’m pretty excited to try it since Avery makes some fine beer. Russian River is new to me however. This should be quite interesting.

Well here’s a surprise, the pour is much lighter than I expected from a strong dark Belgian ale. Hopefully it won’t be lacking flavor, but I’ve had some light beers that really packed flavor in so I’m not too worried. It has a decent amount of head but nothing that excited me. Actually, it was a bit less than I expected. Well let’s see how she smells.

Ah…This brew has a very subdued smell. Let me try my hardest and see what I can detect…mm, sweet and tangy. A slight scent of alcohol and a lot of that yeasty smell that’s present in a lot of Belgians. I hope it’s not as sweet as a Leffe. Well enough hoping, let’s find out!

The taste….my god this is good, a beautiful bouquet of varying flavors. There’s some spice and some sweetness. It has an underlying bite with a very smooth body. A great feel to it for sure! The alcohol is a perfect contrast to the sweetness, and the warmer this beer gets the more nuances you can detect. This is definitely a prime example of Belgian style brews.

Overall I’d like to highly recommend this beer, a delicious brew through and through.  Not only is it delicious, it shows that companies can work together for the benefit of the consumer. These two breweries obviously love their craft and it shows quite easily. I’m gonna have to find some Russian River beers now.

Until next beer this is Brian G. signing out.

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One thought on “Collaboration Not Litigation Ale

  1. D Madd

    it always sucks when you get less head than anticipated.

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