Weyerbacher Tiny

Wow…just wow. (Took a preemptive sip…couldn’t be helped) Today I have a fantastic beer! I know I say that every single time, but I’m extremely excited about this beer. First of all, it’s a great brewery. I’ve had Weyerbacher Russian Imperial Stout and it’s easily in my top 3 choices. What I have today is a Belgian style Imperial Stout….whaaaaaat? *insert record scratch*

That’s right folks, an imperial stout with a Belgian twist. I am already salivating for Tiny,  and what a cool name too. The bottle teases:  “This velvety concoction excites your senses with bottomless roasted, earthy, and vinous notes.”  I don’t know what vinous means though, perhaps green or leafy? I’ll have to Google it now… Aha! It means it resembles wine, makes sense now that I say vinous out loud. Well, I was never one to trust written word.  I’ll make sure to confirm or reject these claims. First things first…

The pour blew me away. This is literally the Loudest beer I have ever heard, and that’s not something I’m listening for! I poured this bodacious beauty and the head almost crackled and popped like so many Rice Krispies. I truly have never heard a head like this, or at all for that matter. I mean the sound is always there, but it never brings attention to itself…simply stunning.

Not only is the sound amazing, the look is superb. It’s really got me salivating right now, it’s like silky darkness. The head is a beautiful dark brown…Man I love it when the head is brown. Someone’s gonna take that phrase the wrong way…ah well. Talk about dark though, it’s an almost black brown that is opaque as a brick wall. I cannot wait to taste this, unfortunately I must refrain for a few moments at least…on to the smell.

Well, let’s see if this is “vinous” …why yes, yes it is. This baby has an extremely rich and alcoholic aroma, like Charlie Sheen I’d imagine. It’s a very powerful smelling beer, and now that I know what vinous means all I can smell is wine. Thanks a lot internet…. I know there is fruit in there, and perhaps some malts, but all I can smell is the vinous notes!

Let’s see if it tastes like wine too, I hope not I don’t really enjoy wine.

Ah, there’s that body, there’s that imperial stout body. Malty, foamy, smooth and rich…there’s a metaphor for someone in there.  I’m getting an aftertaste of roasted malts for sure, definitely a coffee type aftertaste. The initial taste, and how sweet it is, is extremely fruity. Oh what a flavor, it’s well balanced, not overly sweet at all. It’s not bitter in the least bit either. When you swallow you get that wine feel, the warming sensation and bite from the alcohol. Then a slight, ahem, “vinous” aftertaste which is shortly overpowered by the roasted malty aftertaste. Wow…what a complex ass flavor! Weyerbacher, you’ve done it again.

Overall, a top choice. I can taste the mixture of Belgian style techniques on Russian flavors. I may be wrong but I believe Russian imperial stouts are the pinnacle of stouts and I can taste there Russian influence here. The texture and flavor have shade of Belgian brown or dubbel, the fruitiness at the beginning especially tastes similar. That’s probably what brings this so close to wine, not to mention the staggering (literally) 11.8% ABV.

Tiny, you remind me of the tall guy named Tiny in some cliché 50’s mobster movie.

Until next beer, this is Brian G signing out!

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