Bam Noire

Ah another Sunday, this one perhaps a bit nicer than most since tomorrow is Memorial Day and I have the day off work. I went and saw my mom who was in town, just got back from visiting about an hour ago. I’ve gotta fix my Buick’s AC because it was a hot drive out there today. The funny thing is I was incredibly thirsty on my way back, but I managed to stop at the beer store before arriving home. I’ve gotten some very interesting brews this time, might post a group photo.

First up is a Dark Farmhouse Ale…that’s why I got it. Well that and the bottle had a dog with bat wings on it. I’ve never heard of a Farmhouse Ale so I’m extremely curious about this one. The bottle states a dark smooth incredibly delicious brew. Well that’s my summary, they state it much more poetically.  I couldn’t locate the ABV anywhere…ah yes Google. The ABV is 4.3, pretty low by my standard but taste is more important….barely. Regardless, dark beer usually makes me happy, let’s see what she does.

Bam Noire, aside from having a cool name, has a great look to it. The head is…amazing. I’m sure that line made someone smile. Innuendo aside, this beer has the largest head I’ve seen. It took three pours to fill the cup simply because the head would fill it so quickly. This brew is not for the impatient; I had to wait a good five to six minutes before the head was down. That’s extremely cool in my book, I wonder if all farmhouse ales share this property. The color is muddy brown and is very opaque. It does look like what I think farmhouse ale should look like based on the name alone, a very farmy color! I hope it doesn’t smell like a farm though.

Damn…this beer smells great. I mean, it’s fruity with a spice; A hint of sweetness with more sourness alongside a trace of alcohol. Smells almost like a Belgian ale with a bit less sweetness, I think I’m gonna like it here in Flavortown.

The taste…very hoppy and bitter. A good strong tasting beer, but that’s mostly towards the end of the taste.  The initial flavor is very much like a Belgian with subdued sweetness. I taste a fruity tangy flavor with a bit of spice that quickly turns hoppy and bitter; A very complex beer for sure. It has a rich body that compliments the taste very nicely. It’s got a very small bit and it’s extremely smooth. Like a Chihuahua I suppose. Well this puppy taste great! (Feel free to use that joke.)

Overall I’d say this beer is a very nice change of pace. It’s like a Belgian fighting with an IPA for attention in your mouth…well that didn’t sound right but oh well it’s already written. The head on this beer alone is a reason you should at least try one, fantastic amount of head!

Until next beer this is Brian G signing out!

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