Brasserie des Roc Triple Imperiale

Ah I hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend!  I hope you all enjoyed some great beer over the holiday, I know I did. I know I’ve been away for a bit but I’m back now so don’t you worry. Let’s get back into things with a nice Strong Dark Ale.

Ah… another day, another beer. In fact, I’ve made a special trip this time. I’ve purchased 4 high quality 750ml Belgian brews of all types, mostly Dark Ales because I’m partial to a beautiful dark brew. I have no doubt they will all be delicious and am looking forward to one specifically, but more on that later! For now I have a beautiful Belgian right in front of me. Let’s find out a bit about this brew, shall we?

This is abbey ale, brewed in Brasserie des Rocs which started brewing in 1979. So this is a very new brewery in comparison to other Belgian breweries for sure! I remember the brewery that was a Castle which started in 900 A.D. years and years behind this one.  Eggenberg, I believe is the name. Regardless, they are surrounded by knowledge and I have faith in this beer.
The specific type is a Strong Dark Ale although it is named a Triple Imperial which is actually a type of Russian Stout if I remember correctly. I probably don’t….
This is nowhere close to a Russian Stout, which happens to be my second favorite beer type. I need to pick some up next time… ok mental note taken! Alright let’s get on with it already I’m sick of waiting….

Wow, it pours a beautiful auburn hue with an incredibly foamy head. I really like the color of this beer. It just makes me smile for some reason. It’s extremely opaque as well, which usually means I’m in store for some serious flavor. Hopefully the good kind of flavor, I think it will be if the aroma is any indication.

Rarely have I experienced an aroma as strong as this beer’s. It jumps right out at you begging to be tasted…for now I must refrain and describe my aromatic experience. The first aroma to grace my nose is apple, then sour, then alcohol. It’s a beautiful combination, a very alluring scent. There’s also an underlying apricot or some other sweet fruit that is barely noticeable…maybe I’m imagining things again. I’ll have to blame marijuana as usual, on to the taste!

Slowly….slowly…truly an inspiring taste. Let’s see what words come tumbling out of me. First of all the texture of this beer is superb. It’s extremely rich and smooth, like Billy D. Williams. It’s not overly rich like a dopplebock, its closer to a dubbel. The carbonation is perfect, just enough bubbliness (is that even a word?) to give it some life. The taste, my god the taste. As you are drinking this beer you get a fantastic whiff of the aroma because it is so strong. It accentuates the strong points of the flavor. It’s hard for me to put my finger on any one specific taste. No, they all mix together in a malty, yeasty, slightly alcoholic orgy of fantastic taste…in my mouth. Sorry, I won’t do that again.  All innuendo aside, it’s truly a fantastic beer. I would place easily place this in my top 3 beers.

Overall, I’ve found a new lover. It’s a younger brewery who has obviously done a lot right over the past 30 years. I highly recommend you sample this brew at some point in your life, after all you only get one.

Until Next Beer this is Brian G. signing out.

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2 thoughts on “Brasserie des Roc Triple Imperiale

  1. D Madd

    another success!

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