Stone Smoked Porter

As I sit here with a beautiful porter and an Xbox headset around my head I am writing a somewhat rushed review. I don’t want to miss out on reviewing this lovely beer. I plan on writing it in between rounds, let’s see how it works out.

First of all, I remember drinking another brew from Stone called Double Bastard. It was pretty damn strong and pretty damn good to say the least. Stone takes a lot of pride in their beer. They leave a lovely description on each different type of brew. I’m partial to porters and stouts, well anything darker really. I do enjoy a good IPA every now and then though… Alright, alright I’m partial to good beer.

Anyways… This beauty pours out extremely dark. Oh shit the round is starting, I’ll brb.

Excellent, just had the last kill. For those of you that don’t know, if you get the last kill on the winning team they replay it for everyone to see. Needless to say I feel fantastic.  Now back to the beer.

The head on this brew was pretty damn thick as you can see. It faded at a moderate pace though. God this beer is dark, almost black. It looks delicious to me, a heady dark beauty for sure. How does she smell though?

She definitely smells smoked, that’s one thing for certain. I can’t smell much else, very dark smelling if that makes sense. I smell the smokiness more than anything else, and maybe the malts.  Ah well, taste was always my forte.

The taste…Wow very, very nice.
The smokiness is there but not overwhelming. I’ve definitely had some overwhelmingly smoky beers before, and this is far from it. It’s a well-balanced satisfying taste with just a hint of light-heartedness. Another drag…wow…simply superb porter right here. It goes extremely well with the subtle smoky flavor. I mean,  it’s a beautiful combination, one you should definitely experience if you like darker beer. This beer feels serious but flavorful at the same time.  She has great body as well, smooth and silky like a good porter should be. The carbonation is pretty nonexistent but that’s expected of porters.

Overall a great beer. It shares many qualities of a great woman. A lovely full-bodied beauty that isn’t afraid to give an excessive amount of head.

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4 thoughts on “Stone Smoked Porter

  1. Excessive wins every time in my book Brian 😀

    Keep up the good work

  2. D Madd

    haha that last comment confirms you a perv! i love it! keep up the awesomeness babe! 🙂

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