Gouden Carolus Classic

Ah back again to write another review. I happen to have a smile on my face…nothing to do with beer though. No, I just finished some rounds of Call of Duty online with my friends and we did extremely well… for the most part. Ah, now that is truly an excellent way to have fun. Hop on with a couple of friends on voice chat and kill some people together! Isn’t the future grand?
I digress…
I sit here with a Belgian beauty titled: Gouden Carolus Classic
The bottle emanates class from every angle…well if round surfaces had angles. Regardless, the bottle does bring the adjective classy to my mind. This is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale brewed at the Het Anker brewery. It has some interesting tidbits on the side.
The beer itself named after the golden coins of Emperor Charles V. Wow…The Anker Brewery was established in 1369…now these guys should know how to make beer! I love old, old breweries, more often than not they have excellent beer. You can tell this one will be from the appearance alone!

Ah, what a classy pour this brew has. It pours fairly dark brown with a finger’s width of head. The head dissipates at a moderate pace and leaves a nice ring of lacing. Oh man, I love it when beers leave lacing, I have high hopes for this girl. Let’s see how she smells. (Don’t take that sentence out of context)

Alright, this is a very faint aroma. I can smell the alcohol…and perhaps some pepper or other spice. It’s one of the faintest smelling brews I’ve sampled yet. Try as I might I cannot smell much else….so on to my favorite part then!

Oh yes, this is extremely rich and smooth. I really enjoy the body of this beer. It just feels very warm and cuddly if that even makes sense. A very pleasant feel and texture. The taste, oh the taste! It’s a fairly complex flavor…let me see here….
There’s a definite bite but it’s just the perfect amount. It’s the perfect complement to balance the complex flavor. The first taste that I can describe is a chocolate covered fig. Then the bitterness comes through and balances the flavor, it’s sweet but definitely not too sweet. It’s just barely definable as sweet…ah that’s the line I love to see beers walk. I must admit my last beer Samichlaus was much too sweet for my liking, it’s nice to be back to a semi-sweet rich Belgian ale. The carbonation is very smooth across the tongue, almost like a bubble bath. Alcohol lingers a bit on the tongue which reminds me a bit of a whiskey aftertaste, but at 1/100th the strength mind you!

Overall this is yet another fine Belgian Dark Ale. It’s not as fruity or chocolatey as some others but it is refined in its taste and should easily be considered as a contender among other great Belgians. The subdued flavor is complemented extremely well by the texture.

Until next beer this is Brian G singing out.

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4 thoughts on “Gouden Carolus Classic

  1. D Madd

    you never describe my body like you described the body of the beer =P

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