Gulden Draak Ale

Here we are once again. I’ve decided to sample another Belgian Ale today, an imported Belgian at that! Nothing like the official taste of another country.

This particular brew has a striking white bottle which caught my attention easily on the shelf, even when surrounded by other beers. It has some foreign words on it which always gets me a little excited. When I see letters that don’t exist in our alphabet I start imagining the possibilities. But we’re not here just to talk about the bottle…. are we? God I hope not….

Well even if we are lets bend the rules a little and pour this baby out…
Alright, I really like this color. It’s like a Belgian Dubbel but a bit more on the brown than red side.
Actually let me go on Wikipedia and see what type of brew this is…..

Wow very interesting, I should Wikipedia every brew I sample. The name literally means “Golden Dragon” and it is a dark tripel ale. Ah I didn’t know dark tripels existed, my world has officially been rocked! While I do enjoy the tripel I often choose dubbel over it since it is darker. With tripel dark ales now in my mind I’m going to be searching high and low for them.
*EDIT* I’ve done some more research on the matter and this brew generally receives the same classification as “Strong Dark Ale”. I’ll agree and classify it as such. *EDIT*

This beer was crowned the best tasting beer in the world by the American Tasting Institute.  Where do I sign up for that job?? Well now I am thoroughly excited about this beer. Let’s see if it smells like a winner.

Oh my…wow this smell is beautiful! It smells like sunshine, no really it does!
Alright, realistically it smells very fruity with a floral tone. There is also alcohol present in the smell, there’s no hiding this 10.5% brew. Alright well, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been waiting long enough, time to let this beauty dance on my taste buds.

The taste, well it certainly lives up to my expectations which were pretty darn high considering this is supposedly the best tasting beer in the world. Would I agree to that sentiment? Well my friend, I have many a beer to taste before I come to that conclusion. Finally, my life has meaning and purpose! The answer was always there just under my bloodshot eyes: Alcohol! Speaking of which, the taste is very hidden at first. You can barely taste the alcohol. I’m surprised considering how apparent it was in the smell.

Upon swallowing (again people please try to be mature!) it leaves the most delicious and pleasant aftertaste I have come upon to date. Bravo to Van. Steeneberge. It’s very sweet but not so much as to not call this ale. I also can taste…I want to say cherry…wow.

Excellent taste overall, the body is nice and bubbly and compliments the taste. It dances off your tongue gaily.
(Again people…maturity please!) It’s extremely light and fun, the opposite of my first girlfriend.
I’d highly recommend this to people who can’t drink heavier tasting brews, it’s truly delicious. Just be careful it’s easy to forget this is a 10.5% beer!

Until next beer, this is Brian G signing out!

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2 thoughts on “Gulden Draak Ale

  1. D Madd

    your reviews always entertain me =)

    • Aww Thank You!
      Although I write these for my own pleasure I do try to entertain any other readers. I’m glad you enjoyed it, next time your in S. Florida I’ll buy you a beer 😉

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