Victory Golden Monkey Triple

I was offered this brew on a recommendation from a local alcoholic I met in the beer store. He noted I was perusing Belgians and suggested this Golden beauty.
But I’m getting ahead of myself….

Victory is a brewery I am familiar with on some level. I’ve had their HopDevil IPA, I can’t remember how it specifically tastes now that I think of it. Ah well, another for the ever-growing list. It’s a good ole’ American brewery located in Pennsylvania. Ah here’s an interesting tidbit: “Founded in 1996 by Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski in an old Pepperidge Farm bakery, Victory has grown considerably and evolved well outside the traditional small market of a beer-brewing restaurant.” Something about that warms my heart, probably  just the alcohol. Alright enough research, let’s get right into it.

It pours a very light amber, perhaps one could interpret this as “golden”.  It had less than a finger’s width of head which dissipated almost immediately. The aroma brings apricots to mind, though only spices are cited on the bottle.

<Sarcasm> Upon further inspection I realize I have erroneously poured this amber beauty! This has resulted in a less than desirable head. Being the head-lover I am I will ensure this never happens again by reading the pouring instructions on each brew. If it is missing this necessary set of procedures I will write the brewery before pouring to receive proper instructions. </Sarcasm>

Yes, that is a good-natured rib aimed at breweries who print pouring instructions on their beers. Please give me SOME credit! I don’t ask for much but I believe I can pour a beer without instructions…I kid because I love. What matters is on the inside of the bottle, not the outside.

The body is excellent, smooth and silky. That’s truly a coincidence, it happens to be favorite type of body. It goes down with a clear taste, not incredibly complex or rich. The carbonation is barely noticeable which allows you to focus on the other aspects while drinking. I must say for 9.5% I can barely taste the alcohol, deceptively delicious.

I’d highly recommend this brew to those new to Belgians as it seems to have a local twist on an imported flavor. It’s not diving in head first, it’s dipping your toes in Belgians. Just remember it’s 9.5%!
Brian G – Signing Out

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2 thoughts on “Victory Golden Monkey Triple

  1. Nice one mister alcoholic…what does something like this cost in the states? here in oz we are used to paying thru the ass for evrything including beers…here is a sample of what we pay;

    if it asks for a post code put on 6050

    Keep up the good work – Cheers!

    • I believe it was 7.99 for a 750ml bottle. Yeah it looks like you may be paying slightly more for good beers, a typical good six-pack costs 9-12 dollars. Although some Belgian brews (which are my favorite) cost $11-13 for a 4 pack.
      I did the math one day and it’s always cheaper to get the 750ml bottle of a brew than it’s six-pack counter part.
      I’m still searching for the truly good beer that’s a good price, La Rossa is the best deal I’ve found so far.

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