Birra Moretti La Rossa

Here were are yet again, but something is a bit different today. Today I am having my first Italian beer! I’m extremely excited about this brew so let’s get right to it! It pours very nicely, but more on that in a bit….let me pull up our good friend Google and see what we can find about this brewery.

The brewery Birra Moretti was purchased by Heineken in 1996, let us hope they left the methods intact! I suppose that was a cheap shot at Heineken, shame on me. I haven’t had one since I gained an appreciation for beer, I’ll have to give her a fair chance before I go making assumptions. Anyways…back to the beer at hand.

La Rossa is a Doppelbock. It won the Silver in the World Beer cup for German-Style Bock. Ah, so a German style brewed in Udine which is in northeastern Italy. I have had quite a few beers brewed in another countries style and they tend to add their own local twist, often with quite pleasing results!

It pours a dark amber with a 2 fingers width head that dissipates over 40 seconds or so. It leaves no lacing and a thin layer. I really like the way it poured, I can’t wait to taste it…but alas I must smell it first. These are the rules and I cannot break them even if they are self-imposed. Let’s give her a good sniff shall we?

Ah, very light smelling for a Bock style. I’d say it smells more Belgian than German with a hint of dried fruit and a very light feel to the nose. Extremely pleasant to the olfactory sense for sure…OK I won’t use big words like olfactory anymore I promise! On to the part I’ve been waiting for. Drumroll please….

Amazing…my first thought. This is like a middle ground between a Belgian Dark and a German Bock. The body is medium, not as heavy as a typical Bock. I’d say charmingly plump rather than frighteningly heavy. The taste is heavy then light. A very very complex taste. It speaks of dried fruits and chocolate with the ever so slightest hint of alcohol. The carbonation is barely noticeable but is a nice compliment to the taste.

Overall I’m extremely impressed. It seems when a country attempts another’s brewing style they add their own style the result is something new and exciting. Not only would I say this brew is no exception, I would be so bold to state it is a prime example of this theory! Please, give this one a try, it is superb!
Brian G. Signing Out!

P.S. At 7.99 a six pack this is some great beer at a modest price!

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