Fuller’s London Porter

**NOTE TO READERS** I write these reviews while drinking and don’t post them until later, that is why the post date doesn’t line up with any date cited in the review itself. **NOTE TO READERS**

Ah, another beautiful Sunday morning is upon us. What better way to start my day than with a nice London Porter….Ok, so maybe I am a borderline alcoholic. Or perhaps I just have a profound appreciation for excellent beer. Regardless, here are my rantings about this particular brew:

First of all, the bottle entices me with its presentation. A very appealing motto: “Rich, Dark & complex”
You sold me Fuller’s! Now let’s see if you can make good on these claims.

It pours very very dark brown, almost black. Well that’s one adjective confirmed, looking good so far! The head is 1 finger at the most and dissipates quickly, quite expected for a porter.

As I refrain from drinking to simply smell this brew I have to say it reminds me of a Guinness Stout.  Perhaps a little lighter smelling with a hint of chocolate Ah yes! In fact upon inspecting the bottle it states: “smooth and creamy with delicious chocolate and coffee flavours” Notice the UK spelling of flavor… ah yes my friends we are in it now!

This is in fact an import direct from Britain herself. I must say I do have an underlying built-in appreciation for imports, simply due to the fact they travel so far to reach me. I should be amazed by No. 2 pencils in the same way but they don’t taste as good.

“Taste?”, you say, “My, I wonder what it tastes like!” Well you’re in luck friend! This blog is all about beer so lets take a taste of this porter:
Ah yes, the bitterness in there quite reminds me of a Guinness Stout, but it’s not as prominent, it takes a back seat to the coffee and chocolate. In fact I cannot taste the coffee and chocolate separately, they merge into a nice mild flavor. It’s definitely not overwhelmingly flavored it’s more of an aftertaste mixed with a slight bitterness.That sounds like complex flavor to me, that’s 2 out of 3 so far!

The body is in fact rich. I’ll skip the drumroll and tell you that’s the first thing that hit my mind about the feel (Or mouthfeel for you snobs out there) so congrats to Fuller for making good on all three claims! It’s also very smooth with just a hint of carbonation and bite. I believe porter is closely related to wine so it does feel a bit more like wine, ah let me check Wikipedia quickly.
Now this is truly funny, if you look up this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porter_%28beer%29
That’s the exact beer I am drinking, THE definition of Porter according to Wikipedia! My my what a gem I’ve stumbled upon. Now to check the details on Porters…

Ah I was wrong, it is the weakest version of Stout. In fact, Guinness Extra Stout was originally called “Extra Superior Porter” They changed the name in 1840 so I doubt any of you remember when that was true! If you can please contact Guiness…the World Book of records that is! (Sorry I won’t ever make a joke like that again I swear!) So I’ve learned something about porters today and I will continue to learn and enjoy fine beer.
Not for you readers out there, no, this is for my own enjoyment. But why not share that enjoyment like a nice beer?

Until next beer this is Brian signing out!

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3 thoughts on “Fuller’s London Porter

  1. D Madd

    you actually make beer sound good. can i lick it off your sexy body? rawr…

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