My Very First Post – Diatribe of an Alcoholic.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is! My very first Beer Blog post, a far-removed number from the specific beer this one is.

What is the point of this Blog you may ask? Nothing except my own enjoyment. I am keeping this log more for myself than anyone but if you happen to enjoy it I welcome you!

Most of the beers I have obtained come from a store called Total Wine. There is one in Boca Raton, and more all over the USA. It’s not the friendliest place, think if they took an entire Wal-Mart and filled every shelf with alcohol. Everything from Wine to Whiskey to Witbier complete with a cold sterile feeling one can only experience in large warehouse-type stores.

That’s not to say the place isn’t fantastic though, they have small reviews and descriptions by each item so you can have some idea of what your getting into. I’ve never asked the staff for help (I need no help deciding how to get drunk, I’m a professional!) so I couldn’t say how helpful they are or are not.

I’d like to begin my blog with the first review I have written that I feel is in alignment with the tone that this blog will be. I have written some prior to this one I will post shortly but I read them and grimace at  their lack of humor, I will not be posting these. In fact every review I write will be done so as I am enjoying that beer. No drinking beer and going back a day later to write a review, I want to truly capture the essence of these wonderful brews. In short- No Bull!

I do not claim to be a connoisseur of beer, but I am an advocate of good taste. I may get some things “wrong” in the eyes of the elite beer drinkers but to them I say “Pish Posh, go drink some wine!”. I will be learning much and more on this journey and have no fear of snooty commentary!

So please join me on my journey to justify my alcoholism.

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3 thoughts on “My Very First Post – Diatribe of an Alcoholic.

  1. Nice! With resources like total wine I doubt you’ll run out of content anytime soon.

  2. Nice to see a man on a mission Brian…me? yes don’t mind a drop and it is good when you can afford the top shelf variety…so heres to your good health man



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